Joseph Woll's Comments Warm the Hearts of Leafs Nation

Wade Messier
May 10, 2023  (2:40 PM)

Joseph Woll will be the man of the hour tonight for the Toronto Maple Leafs. With Ilya Samsonov unavailable for Toronto, Woll is being called upon for the most important game of his career.

Woll Wants to be in Toronto

Woll was asked about the process of signing his contract with Toronto, and what went behind his decision to take a low salary and remain with the organization. His comments truly show is appreciation for the city and their fans, and he'll certainly have them all rooting for him tonight.
"To be honest, I think it was right after I had gotten injured last year when we were sorting it out. I had hurt my knee a little bit after that, and I wasn't even thinking about the deal because it was still [February] or whatever it was. I got a call from my agent, and he said, 'We were talking about negotiating your next contract.' I hadn't thought about it at all and had no idea what to expect. So, I was very happy with what they'd offered me, and it was a pretty quick process."

"I think, for me, I really want to be in Toronto. I love playing here. I love the people. I love the city. So, I don't want to be anywhere else. So, for me committing for a longer period of time, I was very excited to. And I think they're very fair in what they offered. I think it was a perfect deal for both of us. I would say the aim is to always try and outperform the contract. If I'm able to do that, that's awesome. So, we'll see what happens." - Joseph Woll

I'm not sure Woll could've said nicer things about Toronto if he tried! This is certainly a guy the Leafs should try to keep around. Hopefully Woll can save the Leafs from elimination tonight.
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Joseph Woll's Comments Warm the Hearts of Leafs Nation

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