More Details Released From 2017 Ottawa Senators Uber Incident

Wade Messier
May 10, 2023  (12:41)

If you've been following hockey for at least the past six years, chances are you know a little bit about what happened in 2017 with the Ottawa Senators. If you don't know what happened, here's a quick run down. A group of Senators players were caught on a video recording inside an Uber while on a road trip, and they can be heard trash talking their coaches and fellow teammates. The fallout of the incident saw multiple players traded away from the Senators organization, and seriously stained some careers.

Wideman Opens Up to the Internet About the Incident

Perhaps no player felt the effects of the Uber video worse than Chris Wideman, who was promptly traded following the video's release. From there, he was bounced around a couple of teams before finding himself in the Russian KHL league for a year. He has since made a return to the NHL in the form of league minimum contracts with the Montreal Canadiens, but his career was forever changed by the incident.
Wideman recently made an appearance on the Cam & Strick podcast, where he shared some more details surrounding the 2017 video. It's safe to say that Wideman felt that certain parts of the story weren't told, and his comments are quite interesting.
"What I think is lost in that whole thing is, you know, we said some things and got carried away and said some things that weren't really that outside the box of what guys typically talk about. We're talking about work, we're frustrated, we were losing and it was unfair that it was taken out on one of our coaches and the way that it looked was really just very disrespectful. After going through everything I went through after and being able to make it back to the NHL, I'm almost thankful in a way that it did happen because I learned a lot about myself, how to persevere and overcome, but also learned a lot about the world and how things really work."

"There's a few more things that happened that I can touch on when I retire, that happened that I don't need to bring up. But there's a whole side of this that, there was some other stuff said and recorded and released, that no one ever saw. It didn't come out of my mouth, I can say that much." - Chris Wideman

I'm sure many fans are curious to hear what Wideman will say about the incident once he retires, but for now fans will have to take what they can get.
As Seen on House of Hockey - Wideman Speaks on Controversial Uber Video From 2017
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More Details Released From 2017 Ottawa Senators Uber Incident

Should Wideman reveal any more details about the incident, or let it be?

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