Insider Reveals Whether Maple Leafs Players Enjoy Playing For Sheldon Keefe

Tyler Ball
September 1, 2023  (10:59)

In a recent segment on NHL Network, several of their analysts discussed the Toronto Maple Leafs. As part of the discussion, they talked about Maple Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe. Their conversation on whether or not Sheldon Keefe is liked by his players was very interesting.

Treliving Creates Some Doubt About Keefe

During the press conference to discuss Maple Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe's extension Brad Treliving was asked if the players like Keefe. His answer was a bit murky and had some fans and media wondering.
"He's got a real good relationship with our players...

"It's not about being liked as a coach, it's about being respected"

#Leafsforever Treliving re Keefe

While Treliving did state there was a good relationship between players and coach the question still remained whether he was "liked" in the locker room.

Sources Clear Up Misconception

After Brad Treliving's comments a couple of different sources dug in and tried to find out if the players do like Keefe.
Also, don't think Tre made this decision without the consent of the team's stars. It's clear the players like playing for Keefe.
The NHL Network crew also confirmed these sentiments in their segment on Keefe and the Leafs.
Why is Sheldon Keef the right man to see this project through up there?

A few different reasons. One is, I think he does have a great relationship with the players, the top players in Toronto, clearly like playing for Sheldon Keefe. They have a ton of success with him, all of them, individually and collectively.

The panel on NHL Network loves the contract extension of Keefe saying it will quiet the noise around the issue and allow the team to go play.
There's a fact that there would be a lot of noise in Toronto, a market that I am very familiar with, a lot of noise if he started the season. What's his job security like? Is he coaching to save his job? Whatever. And Toronto is one of the few organizations that could extend a coach for two years, and there's really nothing invested other than money if it doesn't work out.

All in all, it seems as though things are good in Toronto for the moment. Players, coaches, and front office staff are all happy and excited for the new season to come. It will be interesting to see if this changes if the Leafs struggle out of the gate.
Insider Reveals Whether Maple Leafs Players Enjoy Playing For Sheldon Keefe

Will Sheldon Keefe survive his current contract with the Leafs?

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No48141.6 %
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