Insider Elliotte Friedman Reveals What Really Went Down in the Toronto Maple Leafs Closed-Door Team Meeting

Tyler Ball
November 6, 2023  (9:36 PM)

The Toronto Maple Leafs continued to struggle on Saturday night against the Buffalo Sabres. As a result of the frustrating loss the team reportedly had a closed-door team meeting.

Toronto Maple Leafs Continue To Lose Leading To A Closed-Door Meeting

The Toronto Maple Leafs once again fell against the Buffalo Sabres 6-4 in a frustrating game. The defense looked disjointed and the offense couldn't do enough to keep the game within reach. The Maple Leafs fell to 5-4-2 as a result and are currently just barely in a playoff spot.
Beyond the disappointment on the scoreboard the Maple Leafs also continue to face the same issues they supposedly addressed during the offseason. They are not playing more physically and aren't any harder to play against. Their defensive upgrades have backfired in a major way as well. On top of that the goaltending has taken a massive step backwards as well.
All of these struggles reportedly led to a team-only meeting to discuss what has gone so wrong to begin the season.

Insider Elliotte Friedman Reveals The Details Of Toronto Maple Leafs Closed-Door Meeting

NHL insider Elliotte Friedman has reported that the Toronto Maple Leafs had a closed door team meeting in recent days. The meeting was used to discuss where they are and how they need to improve. Friedman says one of the things he heard rumors of from the meeting was the team talking about how other teams feel they can push the Maple Leafs around.
Friedman on 32TP talking Leafs softness: "They had a team meeting and the players spoke, Keefe spoke, Brad Treliving the GM I understand spoke and what they talked about was it's instinctive for championship teams. I heard one of the things that was said in there..."

Cont'd: "...nobody will confirm it, but I heard one of the things that was said was other teams know that they can push us around. That is one thing I agree with, in the NHL, those teams they do not win"

It sounds as though the Leafs know the problems but are still struggling to fix them. They are currently in a close battle with the Tampa Bay Lightning if they can close it out narratives could change.
As the games continue to stack up we will have to see if the closed-door meeting becomes something of a legend or an infamous failure of this core group to adapt.
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Insider Elliotte Friedman Reveals What Really Went Down in the Toronto Maple Leafs Closed-Door Team Meeting

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