Good News for the Leafs as Auston Matthews Stats are On the Rise

Published March 14, 2023 at 5:30 PM

Earlier in the season, it seemed that Auston Matthews was not doing too great. He scored 60 goals and 106 in 73 games last season, but, this season, he has only scored 31 goals and has gotten 67 points in 59 games this season. If these trends continue, and if his performance does not improve, Matthews is only set to get only 85 points this season. Which is still very solid, but these stats cannot compare to last season's stats.

These struggles may seem concerning, until you realize that Matthews has gone more than 1 game without a point twice this season. The first stretch that Matthews did not get a point was November 23rd-25th, when the Leafs played New Jersey and Minnesota. His second stretch was during February 19th-24th, when the Leafs played against Chicago, Buffalo and Minnesota. Apart from these stretches, Matthews has been very consistent with points.

Matthews has really been heating up lately, which is bad news for other teams, but is great news for the Leafs. He has recorded 10 points in the last 7 games, this includes 6 points over his last 3 games. Matthews has scored a goal in each of the past 3 games. His 1.43 points per game throughout the past 7 games is way higher than his 1.13 points per game that he recorded last season.

If Matthews can continue with his current 1.43 points per game for the last 16 games of the season, it will add 23 points to his total, this would mean his total points for the season would end closer to 90 points. That still is not as good as last year, but taking into account Matthews has really improved his defensive skills this season, and that the Leafs have allowed fewer shots and goals than they did last season. Despite this small decrease in points, if the overall performance of the Leafs is improving, we see that as a positive.

Hopefully Matthews can peak during the Playoffs, when the Leafs really need everyone at their best.

As seen on Mapleleafsinsider - Matthews is heating up, which is great for the Leafs and not so great for everyone else
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Good News for the Leafs as Auston Matthews Stats are On the Rise

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