Lukas Dostal playing in goal for the Anaheim Ducks during a road game against the Calgary Flames.
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BREAKING: Toronto Sun Claps Back At The Anaheim Ducks

Published January 5, 2024 at 4:51 PM

A new story following up on their previous story on Anaheim Ducks goalie Lukas Dostal takes a major shot at the Anaheim Ducks.

Toronto Sun Claps Back At The Anaheim Ducks

Today the Toronto Sun responded to the criticism sent their way by the Anaheim Ducks.

The Ducks called out the Sun for calling their young goaltender a no-name in their story recapping the game. Since being called out by the Ducks the Toronto Sun responded with another article calling out the Ducks and Dostal further.

If the Ducks had bothered to read the story, written by Lance Hornby, they would've found a complimentary tone, complete with praise from Leafs star and game-winning goal scorer Auston Matthews.

The Sun accuses the Ducks and anyone who criticized their article for just reading a headline and responding. They also called out the Ducks play on the ice in the process and say that maybe the Ducks need to take their own advice on being better.

So, while the NHL team may be asking the Toronto Sun to «be better,» perhaps they should take their own advice on the ice.

This response from The Toronto Sun is the outlet doubling down on the original story they put out. The Sun is also poking fun at the Ducks in the process. This will likely lead to more heat heading the way of The Toronto Sun in the coming days and create even more headlines for the next time the Maple Leafs and Ducks meet.
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BREAKING: Toronto Sun Claps Back At The Anaheim Ducks

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