Auston Matthews Refuses to Answer a Media Question

Published March 23, 2023 at 10:06

Mark Masters is considered one of the most respected hockey reporters. He mainly covers the Leafs, and sometimes covers a bit of the World Juniors.

Like all reporters, sometimes his questions are too generic or won't get an answer, this happened to him when he recently interviewed Auston Matthews.

Matthews shows some attitude

After a recent practice, Sheldon Keefe pulled Matthews and Mitch Marner aside for a brief conversation. The pair were reunited at that practice, fans assume that Keefe is hoping to increase Matthews scoring opportunities. Some discussions must stay between players and coaches.

Masters was reminded of this on Wednesday.

Masters asked Matthews what the discussion was about, and what was discussed. Matthews replied that:

"Mark, that's none of your business, honestly. That's between us, I'll leave it at that."

We must give credit to Masters for asking this question even if he knew there was no way he was going to get an answer. This also gave us a rare glimpse at Matthews personality. Which fans do not get to see enough of.

As seen on Mapleleafsinsider - Matthews shows some attitude and refuses to answer media question
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Auston Matthews Refuses to Answer a Media Question

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