All signs pointing towards a potential William Nylander trade

Julien Trekker
August 18, 2023  (10:17)

Brad Treliving needs to address the situations concerning William Nylander and Auston Matthews. If he doesn't handle their contractual issues before the start of training camp, it will inevitably become a distraction for the whole team.

A trade might be the solution.

Treliving to Trade a Star?

Both Matthews and Nylander are involved in those rumors, but let's face it, if you had to choose between them, the choice is obvious. That's why Nylander is the most likely to be traded.
Also, Nylander's negotiations with the Leafs reportedly hit a major snag a few weeks ago.
Reportedly, Nylander asked for $10M, and the Maple Leafs are only willing to offer something close to $8M. It's only a $2M gap, but with a player like Nylander, who clearly won't budge, it may be enough to end his time in Toronto.

Here's what Dave Feschuck said on TSN's First Up:
"Nylander has a track record of being very staunch in his beliefs about what he's worth, and the Leafs are very steadfast in what they believe they can pay him. I don't think those two things align, and therefore the Leafs may find themselves in a position where they have to make a move.

You have to trade him; you can't lose him for nothing... I know there are people saying you can have him as your own rental for the year and get the cap space the following summer. I understand, but I don't love the idea of a guy on the way out playing without a contract. It doesn't sit well with me if I'm in that room."

Nylander Traded Before Camp?

If training camp begins before either Matthews or Nylander is signed, it will become a distraction that could have significant consequences for the team.
"If training camp opens and those deals are not closed books then we have a problem. It'll be the conversation that sucks the oxygen out of the room. It'll be the only topic. if I'm betting I would bet that William Nylander is not gunna be done. Auston Matthews will be done but Nylander wont be. It's gunna be the daily Nylander watch....If it comes to having to make a deal and I think it might cause they're pretty far a part." - Dave Feschuck

Do you think Nylander will accept a lower salary to stay in Toronto?
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All signs pointing towards a potential William Nylander trade

Do you think Nylander will accept a lower salary to stay in Toronto?

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