John Tortorella Call outs Two Flyers Players for Being Out of Shape

Published March 6, 2023 at 1:35 PM

As the head coach of the Philadelphia Flyers, John Tortorella sets high expectations for his team. He requires his players to follow his instructions, particularly on the defensive end. In a recent game against the Detroit Red Wings, two of the Flyers' forwards, Tanner Laczynski and newcomer Brendan Lemieux, did not receive glowing reviews from their coach.

Out of Shape Players

In his usual honest manner, Tortorella revealed that he felt both players were out of shape. Despite this, they still fought hard against the opposing team throughout the game. Lemieux, who joined the team after being traded from the Los Angeles Kings, had been out of action for three months due to injury. He made his debut for the Flyers on February 18th and has a long way to go to regain his game shape and adjust to playing alongside his new linemates.

Laczynski's Injury

Laczynski also suffered a long-term injury, a sprained ankle, which kept him out of the game for three months. He is using this opportunity to showcase his skills and prove to the coach and coaching staff that he can fit into their plans for the upcoming season.

Lessons Learned

Despite the criticism, Laczynski and Lemieux are taking their coach's feedback in stride and using it as motivation to improve their game. They understand that playing under Tortorella's leadership requires discipline and hard work, both on and off the ice. By following his instructions and dedicating themselves to their fitness, they hope to earn the coach's approval and help lead the Flyers to victory.
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John Tortorella Call outs Two Flyers Players for Being Out of Shape

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