Ivan Provorov Appears to Have Almost Single-Handedly Lost Chuck Fletcher His Job

Published March 11, 2023 at 1:47 PM

The hockey world was set on fire when Ivan Provorov made the decision to boycott his teams' pride jerseys in warmups.

The aftermath of that decision led to more teams canning their pride nights, to communities growing more frustrated with the NHL's lack of direction for the cause, and to honestly an even less inclusive future in the league.

It appears to have also lost GM Chuck Fletcher his job.

Elliotte Friedman, on the 32 Thoughts Podcast, explained it as such:

"There's one other thing I would like to say about this."

"When we did our interview with [Minnesota Wild general manager] Bill Guerin, one of the things we talked about was relationship with ownership, and the Flyers are owned by a corporation. I do think the Pride Night, where ownership or representatives from ownership were not informed until warm-ups started that Provorov wasn't going to skate, that was what you and I and Guerin talked about: Don't surprise your bosses."

"You cannot surprise your ownership like that," said Friedman. "From the moment that happened I think there were gonna be consequences."

"When you're in that chair you probably get credit you don't always deserve, but you also take the blame and maybe you don't always deserve it but that comes with the title and the paycheck of that title,"

Comcast, the owners of the Flyers definitely didn't love the look that this move brought to their company. With Fletcher already failing to meet expectations, Provorov's controversial decision appears to have been the tipping point.

It's incredible that this one act of defiance and homophobia has made such a terrible league-wide impact.

Source: Hockey Feed
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Ivan Provorov Appears to Have Almost Single-Handedly Lost Chuck Fletcher His Job

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