New Jersey Devils' Stunning New Pride Jerseys Cause Tension

Published March 7, 2023 at 9:41 PM

Tonight is a special evening for the New Jersey Devils. They revealed artwork for this year's Gender Equality Night during the warmup against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Take a look at these beautiful warmup jerseys:



The jerseys were designed by Danielle Cartier, who created a collage using physical materials to scan onto the jerseys, giving them a unique style.

Cartier commented on the jersyes stating that

"Through this jersey design, I hope to illuminate how all variations of gender are equally valid and unique through the art-making process of collage"

These jerseys carry a powerful message too, one of inclusivity. The NHL says that it is committed to making all hockey fans feel included, but unfortunately that isn't the whole truth.

Sadly, these were only practice jerseys and were only shown off during warmup, fans should be given the more time to appreciate these works of art.

March 7   |   222 answers
New Jersey Devils' Stunning New Pride Jerseys Cause Tension

Should special event jerseys be worn for entire games, or just for the warmup?

Entire Game10647.7 %
Just the Warmup11652.3 %
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