The Montreal Canadiens' defenseman Kaiden Guhle slashing Philadelphia Flyers' Travis Konecny from the bench alongside teammates.
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Canadiens Kaiden Guhle on the verge of being suspended for slashing

Published March 29, 2024 at 2:11 PM

The Montreal Canadiens defenseman Kaiden Guhle is on the verge of being officially suspended by the NHL for slashing Travis Konecny in last night's game against the Philadelphia Flyers.

The Department of Player Safety announced that Guhle will have to appear at a hearing on Friday afternoon.

Guhle makes major dirty play from the bench: he slashes Konecny in Canadiens Vs. Flyers.

Last night, in Martin St-Louis' second game back behind the Canadiens' bench after a leave of absence, Travis Konecny landed a major hit on Kaiden Guhle, for which he retaliated in a controversial manner.

From the bench, he slashed Konecny who was skating by. Watch the video here:

The play wasn't called on the ice, but the Flyers' players saw it.

After the game, Garnet Hathaway called out Guhle and mentioned that he wouldn't be surprised if the NHL announced a hearing.

"The officials told us they didn't see anything, but I feel like the league is going to review the sequence." - Garnet Hathaway

Canadiens' Guhle faces suspension for dirty slash on Flyers' Konecny

The NHL released an official statement, in which we learned that Kaiden Guhle will have a hearing for a sirty slash that the referees didn't call on the ice.

"Montreal's Kaiden Guhle will have a hearing today for slashing Philadelphia's Travis Konecny."

This kind of gesture isn't appreciated in the NHL. In addition, Guhle, with just over 100 games of experience in the League, went after Travis Konecy, one of the most respected player in Philadelphia.

While Guhle has never been suspended by the NHL, it is expected that he should serve a one or two game suspension for his gesture.

How long do you think he'll be suspended?

Stay tuned for more.

Source: Markerzone - Guhle to face hearing for dirty play last night
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Canadiens Kaiden Guhle on the verge of being suspended for slashing

How long do you think the NHL will suspend Kaiden Guhle for slashing Travis Konecny?

Only a fine6111.8 %
1 game11822.8 %
2 games16231.3 %
3 games or more17734.2 %
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