Paul Bissonnette on TNT's coverage of the NHL
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Paul Bissonnette Embarrasses Himself On Live Television During Coverage Of NHL

Published March 10, 2024 at 6:18 PM

Paul Bissonnette has arguably had a more successful career as an analyst for the NHL than he did as a player. However, he made one hilarious mistake today that was surely embarrassing for him.

Bissonnette Breaks TNT Set Live On Air

The analyst was part of TNT's crew covering the Minnesota Wild and Nashville Predators game today. During the intermission report, they were attempting to recreate a play that happened during the game where Mark Jankowski scored a goal. Instead, he accidentally shot the puck high and it sailed into the screen behind the net, breaking one of the panels.


Fans Chirp Bissonnette For Embarrassing Mistake On Live Television

Both fans and the rest of the TNT panel had a good time laughing at Paul's mistake. Former NHL head coach Craig Berube landed the best chirp of the segment.

«That's why you didn't score any goals while you played» LOL

One fan leaned into Bissonnette's reputation, calling him by his old NHL nickname, Paul Missthenet. While the nickname was earned based on his reputation for having no puck skills, it came in clutch during this segment, as he literally missed the net, even with no goalie there to make shooting difficult.

Paul Missthenet

be sure to stay tuned for more NHL on TNT as these panelists always provide highly entertaining coverage of their games.
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Paul Bissonnette Embarrasses Himself On Live Television During Coverage Of NHL

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