Marc-Andre Fleury Roasts Jordan Binnington After the Two Nearly Fought

Published March 16, 2023 at 10:38

Marc-Andre Fleury and Jordan Binnington are on opposites ends of the goalie spectrum. One is one of the most well-respected goalies in the world, and the other most definitely isn't.

Fleury Talks Near-Fight With Binnington

Marc-Andre Fleury expressed just last week that he wanted to fight before the end of his career.

He almost got the chance last night, when St. Louis Blues hotheaded goaltender Jordan Binnington provoked him.

Unfortunately, the referees broke it up, but it was still a wild story.

Now, Fleury has spoken up about the actual on-ice occurrences, and he didn't make Binnington look so good!

That one was pretty quick. One of the guys said (Binnington) hit them in the nuts, in the nutsack. Can I say nutsack? Then when I saw him throw another one at our guy, that was the time.

I'm not surprised. I've seen Jordan do a few things in his career, that's why I went. I made my decision pretty quick.

Wow he's seen Binnington do a few things? We all know what that means - Binnington is an embarrassment league wide.

The Department of Player Safety announced that Binnington would be facing a meeting, which likely implies a suspension.

Maybe an actual punishment will make him fix these ridiculous outbursts in his game.

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Marc-Andre Fleury Roasts Jordan Binnington After the Two Nearly Fought

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