Florida Panthers forward Jonah Gadjovich and Rangers forward Matt Rempe
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Florida Panthers Forward Issues Warning To New York Rangers Rookie Enforcer

Published March 4, 2024 at 10:11 PM

Rangers Rookie Matt Rempe has made a name for himself since being called up just weeks ago. He is the league's latest enforcer. Today he got into another scuffle, this time with Panthers tough guy Jonah Gadjovich.

Gadjovich Warns Rangers Rookie In The Middle Of The Game

The two players came together near the corner boards in the Panthers zone. Gadjovich grabs the rookie's jersey with his gloved hand and proceeds to tell him something. It is hard to say exactly how the conversation went, but Rempe seemed to ignore him more or less as he just smiled and nodded.

Jonah Gadjovich with seemingly a warning to Matt Rempe 👀🫣

Rempe Gets Through game Without Fighting Anyone

The altercation led some fans to believe he may drop the gloves yet again, but the Rangers rookie managed to get through the entire game without doing so. It is just the 4th time in 8 career NHL games that he was able to do just that. Of his four fights so far, each has been very impressive as the 6'8" center has established himself as the next big-name enforcer in the league.

Through eight career games, Rempe has two points, a goal and an assist, and four fights.

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Florida Panthers Forward Issues Warning To New York Rangers Rookie Enforcer

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