Edmonton Oilers winger Evander Kane celebrating a goal
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BREAKING: NHL punishes Evander Kane

Published March 8, 2024 at 9:19 PM

Evander Kane has a long history of getting himself into trouble. Now he's done it again as the league just slapped him with a huge fine.

Oilers Forward Fined For Stick Incident In Game Against Blue Jackets

The Oilers power forward was reportedly caught spearing Blue Jackets forward Cole Sillinger as he skated past the benches. However, the league noticed this, this handing him a 2,500 dollar fine.

Evander Kane apparently skated by the #CBJ bench early 2nd and speared Sillinger which is why he was fined today.

Some questions on what Evander Kane's fine was for – I'm told it was an incident in second period in which he stuck his stick into the #CBJ bench.

Kane has been a big part of the Oilers success this year despite rumors of a locker room rift developing among the players. He has 21 goals and 37 points on the season.

As seen on NHL Department of Player Safety nails Evander Kane
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BREAKING: NHL punishes Evander Kane

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