Corey Perry in a game with the Chicago Blackhawks.
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Corey Perry Joining Edmonton to Trigger a Big Blockbuster Trade?

Published January 22, 2024 at 8:29 PM

The Edmonton Oilers' recent acquisition of Corey Perry has sparked discussions about a potential blockbuster trade that could go down before the deadline on March 8th.

Possibility of a Blockbuster Trade Emerges After Corey Perry's Arrival in Edmonton


Corey Perry's deal with the Edmonton Oilers, has created new possibilities for the team.

Frank Seravalli suggests that the Oilers' acquisition of both Perry and Holloway might set the stage for trading away Jack Campbell.

"I think getting those two pieces for free (Holloway & Perry)..changes the total outlook of their deadline..I think it opens up the door for them to move Campbell."

The Oilers have reportedly beel looking to trade Jack Campbell since he got sent down in the AHL earlier in the season. Initially, trading him seemed impossible without extra incentives, but the situation seems to have shifted.

Edmonton Oilers to Make a Push for a Jack Campbell Trade?


With Perry and Holloway, the Oilers have more depth and can afford sending players in a package with Jack Campbell.

If that's what it takes for the Oilers to get rid of Campbell and his bad contract, Ken Holland will surely do it before this season's deadline.

Now that Stuart Skinner plays well, the Oilers' need to trade for a top goalie have diminished and they could change their strategy going forward. With their current streak, some would argue that they don't even need to bolster their lineup before the playoffs.

Do you think the Oilers will manage to trade Campbell?

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Corey Perry Joining Edmonton to Trigger a Big Blockbuster Trade?

Do you think Jack Campbell will be traded before the deadline?

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