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Connor Bedard Shares Heartfelt Story the Night he Broke his Jaw and had Surgery

Published March 15, 2024 at 5:38 PM

Back in January, Connor Bedard got injured in a game against the New Jersey Devils, and had to get a jaw sugery, which forced him to miss about a month of action.

He just shared a story about how one of his teammates supported him after his operation.

Bedard Recalls Raddysh and His Family Came to Visit Him After His Surgery


In a new interview, Bedard shared a heartfelt sroty involving his teammate Taylor Raddysh.

The day after Bedard underwent surgery, Raddysh, his wife and his dog, who live in the same building as Bedard, went to the rookie's appartment to support him.

He also added that Rassysh pretends to be his brother sometimes.

Check out his full declaration here:

"He pretends to be my older brother sometimes. Even when I broke my jaw, that night, him, his wife and his dog stayed in my apartment room with me.

Just little things like that, it means a lot."

—Connor Bedard on Taylor Raddysh, who lives in the same building

It's great to see that the rookie already created strong relations with his teammates. We can't wait to witness those relationship blossom on the ice in the coming years.

Since his surgery, Bedard has 18 points in 13 games. Do you think he'll win the Calder Trophy?

As seen on Blade of Steel - Bedard shares wholesome story about the night he broke his jaw
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Connor Bedard Shares Heartfelt Story the Night he Broke his Jaw and had Surgery

Do you think Bedard will win the Calder Trophy?

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