Connor Bedard Benched: Chicago Blackhawks Head Coach Reveals Decision To Bench Rookie Superstar

Tyler Ball
December 11, 2023  (5:23 PM)

Today the Chicago Blackhawks were asked why Connor Bedard has been benched late in games. Their answer has left many with more questions than before.

Blackhawks Coach Addresses Benching Bedard

In recent games, Connor Bedard has been left on the bench during key moments late in games. Due to the Blackhawks' lack of overall success not allowing Bedard to play in key moments for development has confused many people. Today Blackhawks head coach Luke Richardson explained the organization's reasoning.
"When they're close and we have the lead, I think we've been using guys like Dickinson's line and Tyler Johnson's and Kershev's, guys like that, that have a little more experience to play in a five on six situation at this level. So he's not going to be probably a part of that equation yet.

But, you know, he's a great player and he's got a good eye hand coordination with stick abilities that at some point we'd like him to be involved in that, but right now, that probably plays into ice time as well at the end of the game."

Richardson brings up Bedard's lack of experience in these moments as the reason for Bedard not being on the ice. This has felt like an excuse by many fans who have heard the comments.

Blackhawks Fans React To Richardson's Comments

After Richardson's comments were made public fans began to comment on Richardson's decision. Many were upset that Bedard is not being allowed to develop in every situation.
This season is entirely about development. Development of your future. You learn by doing. Sometimes that doing comes with failure. Completely disagree with his assessment. Thanks for asking the question.

Blackhawks fans were prepared for the team to still struggle to contend. The fans however want to see their best and most important players on the ice in big moments. With Bedard off the ice, the Blackhawks are doing themselves a disservice in these moments.
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Connor Bedard Benched: Chicago Blackhawks Head Coach Reveals Decision To Bench Rookie Superstar

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