Blackhawks price for Max Domi is now revealed

Published March 2, 2023 at 12:40

The Chicago Blackhawks have sold almost everything with value. They have Max Domi left, and it appears they've set their price.

Domi's Asking Price Set

For the Hawks to part with their first-line centre, it would take a second round pick.

Making only $3-million this season, this seems like an obvious move, but with teams as cap strapped as they are, it could be more complicated than it seems.

Domi is equally not as good of a player as his point totals suggest, as he's been thrown on special teams as well as being on the first line.

Last season he was traded to Carolina for peanuts, but hopefully he'll be worth a 2nd for the Hawks this time around.

We will just have to wait and see.
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Blackhawks price for Max Domi is now revealed

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