Anonymous Profile Reveals the NHL Player Who Destroyed Darryl Sutter

Julien Trekker
May 3, 2023  (2:06 PM)

As you know, Darryl Sutter was officially fired by the Calgary Flames. It took a huge place in the news, as many fans were eagerly waiting for this moment.

Now that he isn't in the NHL, some people decided to expose their thoughts on him.
An app called Sports Aux is a platform where players can reveal what they think of coaches in an anonymous way.
Someone made some comments towards Sutter and it went viral.
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Here's what he said:
"Darryl Sutter was the most negative person, let alone coach, I have ever come across in my career. He would be little his players in a team setting constantly and went so far as to not feed grown men on the airplane because we lost a hockey game."

Reddit User Reveals the NHL Player Who Destroyed Darryl Sutter

It didn't take long for a passionate fan to find who wrote the comments.
Dan Carcillo posted the review of Sutter on Sports Auth. Here's his other reviews of other coaches thru his career. (Proof below)
by u/JordanGusta in hockey
"It was Dan Carcillo who gave Sutter this review. The Sports Aux app isn't as anonymous as they make it out to be

It was pretty easy to figure out who it was, took little time. Here's how I found out:

-The reviews are anonymous, however they vet/«verify» the identities of the players and coaches before they can review. They are only allowed to review people they played with.

-HOWEVER, it's barely anonymous, because any player who has been «verified» has a badge next to their name. This narrows down the list of potential players/coaches a lot.

-When cruising through random coaches, I found multiple reviews posted the same day, Jan 10 2021. These were reviews on Sutter, Laviolette, Stephane Waite, and most importantly, Wayne Gretzky.

-The review for Gretzky said «Can't say a bad word about The Great One. He gave me a long leash in PHX.»

-I went onto PHX rosters when Gretzky was coaching from 06-09 seasons, and low and behold, only one player on all those rosters had the «verified» badge. Dan Carcillo. Who just so happened to also play for Sutter, Laviolette, Gretzky, and Stephane Waite (goalie coach in CHI)

I did a bit more digging and found that Carcillo also went on a review spree on February 1 2019. I have compiled the, all in this Imgur album for your viewing pleasure. Tons are hilarious, and tons are positive vibes and wholesome."

Click here to read all the reviews he wrote!
Not long after, an old Tweet came up proving everything.
Sutter always knew how to turn his players against him and his outdated style is probably what naturally drove him out of the NHL.
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Anonymous Profile Reveals the NHL Player Who Destroyed Darryl Sutter

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