Patrice Bergeron Unveils the True Reason Behind His Retirement

James Connelly
August 5, 2023  (8:21)

Patrice Bergeron has spoken about his decision to retire shocking the entire hockey community.

Bergeron's Retirement Reason

In a recent interview with Kevin Dubé of the Journal de Québec, Bergeron revealed why he has decided to retire.
"Patrice Bergeron listened to the opinion of many of his loved ones but, in the end, it was his body that confirmed to him it was time to retire from professional hockey after enduring the rigors of the NHL for 19 seasons.

"I've spoken with a lot of people over the past year, I've had several very good conversations with people who had different opinions. What always came back was: "You will know when it's the right time to retire." I've always been someone who listens to their intuition and heart and I felt it was time to move on. Sometimes, the body sends us messages." - Patrice Bergeron

Bergeron also touched on why he decided to wait so long on making his decision on whether or not to return to the NHL.
"My motivation was waning this summer and I felt like I was listening to the signs my body was sending me. I did not miss my workouts and when it had been a while since I had set foot on an ice rink, I did not miss it either. I was waiting to see if the motivation would come back, but it never did."

While this is unfortunate for Bruins fans, it is best for Bergeron, and at the end of the day that is all anybody in the hockey community wants for him.

Bergeon's Injury History

It is known how Bergeron will put the team before himself time and time again. This entire past season, he was struggling with lingering injuries and despite this, he did his best to not miss any games.
One of the best examples of Bergeron putting his body on the line is the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals.
In this series, Bergeron played through a punctured lung, a fractured rib, torn costal cartilage, and shoulder separation and despite this, he still powered through the pain. After the series, he was rushed to the hospital for his injuries.
The entire hockey community wishes nothing but the best for the future Hall of Famer in his future endeavors.
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Patrice Bergeron Unveils the True Reason Behind His Retirement

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