Insider Reveals How the Boston Bruins Can Ruin Milan Lucic

Graham Montgomery
November 22, 2023  (6:56 PM)

Milan Lucic's arrest last weekend has thrown a wrench into the Bruins plans for this season. Now the team may be in a position to sever their ties to the power forward.

Insider Reveals Loophole Bruins Could Use After Lucic's Arrest

Bruins reporter Jimmy Murphy of Boston Hockey Now reported today that the team is likely going to make a rare move by invoking a little-known clause that exists in all NHL contracts. The clause could allow the Bruins to effectively release Lucic from the team.
From @MurphysLaw74, the #NHLBruins can terminate Milan Lucic's contract:
«The «Morality Clause» of the Standard Player Contract (SPC) states that a team can terminate a deal with a player who breaches the contract with «conduct detrimental to the best interest of the Club. Each player must ‘agree to conduct himself on and off the rink according to the highest standards of honesty, morality, fair play, and sportsmanship and to refrain from conduct detrimental to the best interest of the Club, the League, or professional hockey generally."

Murphy noted that he has heard the Bruins are planning on releasing Lucic from his contract after he completes the minimum of 30 days in the NHLPA player's assistance program. However, this move is not required as the team is legally allowed to terminate his contract at any point if the morality clause was violated. It seems that the team is trying to due Lucic right as terminating his contract now would mean he would be forced to exit the player's assistance program.

Lucic Fights Charges As Legal Battle Continues In Domestic Abuse Case

Lucic pleaded not guilty to assault and battery charges filed against him yesterday in a pre-trial court hearing. Notably, his wife did recant her story when police arrived at their home Saturday night. Police felt that there was enough evidence to book Lucic anyways.
Lucic's wife initially reported that her husband attacked and strangled her Saturday night when she called 911.
Court security escort @NHLBruins veteran winger Milan Lucic into the courtroom at #Boston Municipal Court, where he's expected to face assault & battery charges. His wife claims Lucic pulled her hair & pulled her backwards after he accused her of hiding his cell phone.

A trial date has not been set yet. Lucic was playing a relatively minor role with the team prior to this incident so it is likely that they will choose to move on without him as doing so should not significantly impact the Bruins success this season.
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Insider Reveals How the Boston Bruins Can Ruin Milan Lucic

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