NHL Team Owner Facing Felony Charges and Arrest

Published March 25, 2023 at 10:06

The Coyotes are already having enough trouble, but things have someone gotten worse with the fact that they could potentially lose their arena.

Andrew Barroway, who owns 5% of the Coyotes, has been arrested

He was arrested in Colorado on the charges of strangulation. He was arrested after an altercation with his wife in a hotel room. Barroway used to own a majority stake in the team back in 2017 by buying out other ownership members. The Coyotes have issued an official statement regarding the matter:

«We are aware of the allegation regarding Mr. Barroway and we are working with the League to gather more information. When we have enough information, we will have an appropriate response. Until the investigation is complete, we will have no further comment.»

The NHL has also made a statement regarding Barroway:

«The National Hockey League is aware of the arrest of Arizona Coyotes' minority owner Andrew Barroway," the NHL said in a statement. "Pending further information, he has been suspended indefinitely.»

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#Coyotes minority owner Andrew Barroway, was arrested in Colorado on a felony charge of strangulation.

Barroway, who also owns the Greek second-division futbol club Athens Kallithea FC, has been suspended indefinitely by the NHL.

He owns 5% of the team.

In their deal with the Arizona State University Sun Devils, the Coyotes have a "good behaviour" clause, if something like charges for strangulation count as bad behaviour, it could mean that the Coyotes would lose their arena. Barroway is expected to be back in court in early April, if he is sentenced and found guilty, what could this mean for the already struggling Coyotes?

As seen on Hockeypatrol - BREAKING: Coyotes May Lose Arena as Owner is Arrested Under Strangulation Charges
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NHL Team Owner Facing Felony Charges and Arrest

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