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Arizona Coyote Facing Suspension for Dirtiest Hit of the Season

Published January 3, 2024 at 10:24

Arizona Coyotes forward Jason Zucker is facing a lengthy suspension after laying arguably the dirtiest hit of the season.

Zucker Lays Out Cousins; Answers The Bell To Forsling

Last night, the Arizona Coyotes faced off against the Florida Panthers and things got a bit chippy. The Panthers are known as one of the peskiest/dirtiest teams in the NHL and one of the leaders in that department is Nick Cousins.

After having enough of Cousins' antics, Coyotes veteran Jason Zucker decided to take matters into his own hands where he violently boarded Cousins. After the board, Zucker had to answer the bell to Gustav Forsling and did so.

Jason Zucker with an illegal hit from behind on Nick Cousins who is then challenged by Gustav Forsling. FULL SEQUENCE

Zucker did not go after Cousins unprovoked as just seconds prior Cousins laid an incredibly dirty hit on Coyotes defenseman Jusso Valimaki that could have resulted in a serious head injury.

All my homies hate Nick Cousins.

The likely outcome of the whole ordeal is both Cousins and Zucker getting suspended for their hits and it is more likely that Zucker will get a longer suspension as he knocked out Cousins.

Nick Cousins, another ratty playsurprise, surprise. Both he and Zucker should miss games for their hits.

Panthers Take Down The Coyotes

The Florida Panthers were up 1-0 at the end of the second at the time of these hits and went into the third period with enough momentum to add to their lead finishing the game as 4-1 victors.

On top of this, Panthers history was made as captain Aleksander Barkov captured yet another Panthers record as he is now the sole leader in franchise assists.

Another piece of our history books for Captain Sasha Barkov

At the end of the day, it was an overall good night for the Panthers but they will likely be without one of their gritty players with a suspension, injury, or potentially both.
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Arizona Coyote Facing Suspension for Dirtiest Hit of the Season

How long will Zucker's suspension be?

0 games5310.1 %
1-3 games22242.1 %
4-6 games15228.8 %
7+ games10019 %
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