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Insider Makes Major Statement About the Toronto Maple Leafs' Trade Deadline Plans

Published February 12, 2024 at 11:40
The ongoing debate among Maple Leafs fans concerning the team's plans for this season's deadline is taking an important place on social medias.

Some believe the organization should hold on to their assets to help the team's future, and others think they should go all-in this season and trade away picks to help the team win now.

The insider Darren Dreger shared his take on what path the organization should walk on with less than a month before the deadline.

Insider Darren Dreger Believes the Maple Leafs Should Go All-In This Season and Trade Key Assets to Win Now


In a recent episode of TSN's First Up, Dreger shared that he believes the Leafs will surely go all-in this season because in a market like Toronto, general managers are expected to win and often take big swings to make it happen. Dubas did it, and Treliving will probably do the same.

Read Dreger's full declaration here:

"I've been firm on this being the all-in year for the Toronto Maple Leafs... That's taking stock of what you have, but also the contract situations John Tavares and Mitch Marner moving forward. It's not getting any easier and the salary cap increase for next year is already gobbled up by William Nylander.

Anybody that looks at the Leafs now and says stand pat and hold onto that first round pick and these top prospects because you're going to need them in the future, I can appreciate that. I look at it realistically as well and if you're counting on that first round draft pick in 2024 to be a big game player two, three, four years from now, that's a lot to expect from any management because Toronto is a rabid market. Expectations are always high. General Managers who are in a position to try and win normally take a swing because they don't know what they're going to be doing two, three, four years from now."

Trade Away Assets to Win Now Without Sacrificing the Future: Treliving Must Avoid Loans

In an ideal world, Treliving wouldn't sacrifice the team's future to win now. That's why his best option could be to trade the assets, but get players that won't leave the team at the end of the season.

This compromise would likely make fans happy and would be a great way to help the team win now and in the coming years.

Do you think Treliving should go all-in this season?

As seen on Maple Leafs Daily - Insider makes bold claim about the Leafs as we approach the trade deadline
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Insider Makes Major Statement About the Toronto Maple Leafs' Trade Deadline Plans

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