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Sidney Crosby to Join Childhood Favorite Team? It Seems to Be in the Cards

Published December 21, 2023 at 5:55 PM
Superstar and Penguins Captain Sidney Crosby has been linked to the Montreal Canadiens in multiple reports, where the forward would like to finish his career with a contender or at home with his favorite team.

From the reports, Canadiens fans are excited to hear about the news, but some say it is far-fetched news coming out on-air. This would be incredible for a superstar such as Sidney Crosby to go to the Montreal Canadiens team as it has many implications, however, there is no authenticity to the story.

If the reports were true then it would certainly be a mainstream effect of a major trade brewing.

Sidney Crosby's future with the Pittsburgh Penguins team

Due to the reports, many were quick to react to the news of Crosby leaving the Penguins team and joining a top-notch contender playing this season. Stating why he would have signed a 3-5 year deal with the Penguins in an extension and why he would want to leave a team that helped him achieve all his dreams, so to speak, in a manner where he has earned more praise and awards for his gameplay and leadership in more than many ways than one.

On another note, Crosby has played 1200 games with the Pittsburgh Penguins organization, where he has become a household name like Mario Lemieux, Jmar Jager, and many other greats in the game of ice hockey. His attributes led to being the captain of the Men's World Hockey Championship Team Canada, in 2010.

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Sidney Crosby to Join Childhood Favorite Team? It Seems to Be in the Cards

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