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REVEALED: We finally know which player Edmonton is giving up to get rid of Jack Campbell

Published December 20, 2023 at 1:55 PM
The Oilers have been stuck trying to shed Jack Campbell's contract since they sent him to the AHL earlier this year. We may finally know which player will be given up to make a trade happen.

Oilers To Potential Give Up Young Defenseman To Shed Campbell Contract

The Edmonton Oilers are undoubtedly trying to shed Jack Campbell's contract, as the $5 million is being currently spent on Campbell to play in the minors. That money could go a long way in helping them out defensively, which is why there is an urgent need to trade Campbell away.

Now, according to insider Darren Dreger, the Oilers are willing to give up a major piece in order to complete the trade. That piece is former first-rounder Philip Broberg.

Dreger on Philip Broberg (Insider Trading): «He wants to be back in the NHL, that's not likely in Edmonton unless there is an injury, so trade seems the most likely. Here's an interesting twist, maybe it's not Broberg for an asset coming back to the Oilers. Maybe Broberg becomes the sweetner so that they can also move Jack Campbell's contract to free up a little bit of cap space»»

Broberg Trade Would Be Massive Gamble for Oilers Future

Trading away Philip Broberg would be admitting a massive mistake for Ken Holland, essentially that he lost a first-rounder because of a terrible signing. This would also be a huge risk to Edmonton's long-term future, as Broberg could be a promising NHL defenseman.

A move is a huge risk, however, if the Oilers are in 'win-now' mode, they may need to make it happen.

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REVEALED: We finally know which player Edmonton is giving up to get rid of Jack Campbell

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