REPORT: Leafs UFA Just Days Away From Signing Extension

Published June 8, 2023 at 7:53 PM
Luke Schenn wanted to stay a Maple Leaf and he's reportedly set to get his wish. According to the latest report from Rick Dhaliwal, Luke Schenn isn't far away from signing a new contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs. He added the defenseman is getting a raise.

Bouncing Around

"Schenn is obviously going to get a well deserved bump in pay, but he's also looking for term. There ain't no surprise there. And some trade protection as well after bouncding around so much the last few years."

"And they're talking. But, at 33, he probably wants to play on a winner, now."

Dhaliwal and his co-host went on to explain that, despite what other fans may think of Toronto, the Maple Leafs are considered a winner right now, and Schenn fits in perfectly. Dhaliwal said he would be surprised if Schenn made it to when free agency opens on July 1st before a new deal with Toronto is signed.

How Much More

Coming in at just $850,000 on the cap hit chart the last two seasons, giving Schenn a raise, even for a team that's always at the ceiling, shouldn't be too difficult. The big question is how much does he want? It's very possible new GM Brad Treliving may look at some big moves over this summer, including one that would move around big money. That could open the door for Schenn.

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REPORT: Leafs UFA Just Days Away From Signing Extension

What is Schenn worth on a new deal?

1 million per26145.5 %
2 million per24041.8 %
3 million per579.9 %
$4 million or more per season152.6 %
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