Patrick Kane Makes Major Statement About Playing With Auston Matthews

Published September 1, 2023 at 9:25 PM
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Generational stars don't come around often, but the United States are lucky to have had three in the last two decades.

If the NHL and Gary Bettman could've found a way to go to the olympics, fans would have been able to see Auston Matthews and Jack Hughes play alongside aging superstar Patrick Kane.

With the next chance for them all to play together being in 2026, when Kane will be 37, he has commented on it.

Kane and Matthews

Patrick Kane, in a new interview, revealed his relationship with Matthews:

"We stay in touch throughout the season and got a lot of respect for him as a player, how good he is at scoring goals, his shot, just his overall game,"

"He's become one of the best players in the league, so would've been huge to have that type of player on the U.S. team and maybe get a chance to play with him as well. Hopefully, we can get a chance to play together in the future, another big tournament, and have that opportunity."

"I just think in general, for USA Hockey, we would've put together a pretty competitive team, and that's disappointing,"

"I don't think that'll change four years from now, but would've been fun to have that opportunity and welcome the next generation of USA hockey players and be able to be part of that."

Patrick Kane a Toronto Maple Leaf

With Kane still a free agent, it's hard not to think he'll seek a different path to play with Matthews. Could a cup run in Toronto be in the cards?

We'd definitely love to see it.

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Patrick Kane Makes Major Statement About Playing With Auston Matthews

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