Major Turnaround Gives Leafs Massive Advantage On Draft Day

Published June 27, 2023 at 3:50 PM
The Leafs were anticipating being at a disadvantage come draft day but a new decision will give them a massive advantage.

Treliving Will Join Leafs Draft Table

The Maple Leafs were planning on not having Brad Treliving at their draft table but it appears that he will be able to come halfway through the first round.

Insider Information

He was previously not allowed at the table because he was the GM of the Calgary Flames and knows who they would want to target with their picks. However, after the Flames pick 16th Treliving will be able to join the Leafs draft table.

This is huge considering how pivotal Treliving is to the Leafs' future. While he likely will not be dictating the picks, he will be working the phones and brokering trades the Leafs will want to make.

Treliving will also have information on who the Flames will want and could in turn pick one of those players despite not being with the organization for months now.

It is currently unknown if Kyle Dubas will get a similar treatment that will allow him at the draft table after the Leafs make their first-round pick.
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Major Turnaround Gives Leafs Massive Advantage On Draft Day

Will Treliving trade up in the draft?

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