Leafs Show Clear Preference Towards Which UFA They Want To Sign

Published June 27, 2023 at 12:28
The Leafs are getting cornered into signing a UFA and they have shown a clear preference on who they want to sign.

Leafs Prefer Signing Kampf Over Kerfoot

The Toronto Maple Leafs have tough decisions to make this offseason. They have 10 UFAs and will be watching most of them walk. Players such as Michael Bunting are as good as gone but the Leafs will still want to retain some of their players.

NHL insider Darren Dreger revealed which UFA the Leafs want to retain next season.

Career Year for Kampf

Kampf over Kerfoot makes a lot of sense. Kampf provides an elite shut down game in a bottom six role while Kerfoot is a tweener, being too good for the bottom six but not being able to effectively mesh with the core four.

Kerfoot is coming off of a down year posting 32 points after posting 51 a year prior. Kampf on the other hand is coming off of a career year where he posted 32 points.

While they are very different stylistically, Kampf will come at a much cheaper cost which will be enticing for the Leafs and we can expect them to do their best to resign Kampf.
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Leafs Show Clear Preference Towards Which UFA They Want To Sign

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