Kyle Beach: ''Everybody knew about the sexual assault in the locker room''

Published October 28, 2021 at 1:01 PM
Beach claims that "everyone in the locker room knew about it," and that players like Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane's protestations are frauds.

"I think that's true. Right now, players don't really know what to say. They don't want to get into trouble if they knew and did nothing about it. I saw an interview in which Chicago captain Jonathan Toews said he heard about it the following year. No one wants to take a stand so they don't get in trouble. They see that many in the organization have been fired. Players are concerned about their own backs."

- Shawn Lalonde

Last night both Toews and Kane doubled down on their insistence that neither of them knew about the allegations until they came to light this past offseason.

"We wish we could have done something differently, myself included. My heart goes out to Kyle for what he dealt with. Wish I could have done something. It's not an excuse looking back, but the truth is a lot of us were focused on just playing hockey."

- Jonathan Toews

"I didn't know anything at the time. Even today as Kyle came out as John Doe, that was the first time I knew it was him."

"I knew Kyle pretty well from a couple different training camps. He seemed like a happy-go-lucky guy... I wish back then we could've done some different things or known some different things to helped him."

- Patrick Kane

Hmmm someone is lying!?!
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