Insider Reveals Possible Details of Auston Matthews' Next Contract

Published June 9, 2023 at 11:35
Fans are upset at what insiders are projecting Matthews to get from the Leafs.

Matthews' Next Contract Details Revealed

It is no secret that Auston Matthews will be the highest-paid player in the NHL when his next contract begins. Currently, Nathan MacKinnon is the highest-paid player with an AAV of $12.6m but there are reports that Matthews will take no less than $13m.

Insider Mike Johnson gave some insight on what he thought Matthews' next contract will look like.

Matthews not even considering a max-length deal should set off alarms in the heads of many. With a player of his caliber, he deserves to get paid. But his lack of willingness to sign long-term is an issue.

However, this is a problem unique to Matthews. Almost every other superstar in the league signed long-term with their teams. Ovechkin, Crosby, McDavid, MacKinnon, Kucherov, and so many more signed max term extensions.

What To Do Next

Brad Treliving knows that his job security is dependent on if the Leafs succeed in the playoffs and if Matthews is re-signed or traded. If he walks in free agency, the Leafs organization gets flipped upside down.

If Matthews is not willing to sign long-term or take a cheaper deal so he can help the team win, it shows his motivator is money and not winning. Despite his greatness, he will never be able to compete with the best in the playoffs because they are working towards winning and not getting paid.

I would personally trade Matthews if he is not even considering an 8-year deal. To re-sign him at a record price for anything less than max term is blasphemy. Get as many assets as possible and begin a retool that will take at most 2 years.

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Insider Reveals Possible Details of Auston Matthews' Next Contract

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