Hockey Goalie Who Survived a Throat Skate Slash Speaks Out on Adam Johnson's Tragic Incident

Published November 21, 2023 at 3:32 PM
This hockey goalie survived a throat slash from a skate blade himself and recently spoke on the incident and what he believes really went down.

Clint Malarchuk Speaks About Adam Johnson's Tragic Incident As He Suffered Skate Blade Injury Himself

The tragedy surrounding Adam Johnson's death will continue to shock the hockey world as it grieves the incident. With so many people chiming in on the incident, spewing hate mostly, the hockey world has been forced to try and shut out the negativity, as many are wrongly claiming that it could have happened on purpose.

Clint Malarchuk, famously known for surviving a similar incident in 1989 when his carotid artery was sliced by a skate blade, has opened up about his feelings on the accident.

"There's no way I watched it real close just to see the incident. I wanted to know how it happened. I wasn't watching to see if the guy did it on purpose, not a chance, no way. And when I saw him clip, it really kind of pisses me off that people are actually saying, I guess he's kind of a dirty player. Well, so what? I like dirty players, right? But I don't know a player that would do something like that.

He got clipped and spun around. It's a fast game, you know? Doesn't take much for a guy to flip around like that." - Clint Malarchuk on the Adam Johnson Incident

Hockey Has No Place For Hate As Malarchuk Says No Chance That Johnson Incident Happened On Purpose

Malarchuk says what everyone in the hockey world has been thinking since the incident happened. There is no way, with the speed of the game, that an incident like this could have happened on purpose. No matter the players' past history with penalties, the game is so fast and physical that guys end up all over the ice.


In reality, a lot of the hatred is rooted in racism. This has no place in hockey and should be called out for what it is.

The investigation into Johnson's death remains ongoing, and the hockey world remains grieving for his family.
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Hockey Goalie Who Survived a Throat Skate Slash Speaks Out on Adam Johnson's Tragic Incident

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