Former Leaf Takes Shots at Mitch Marner

Published June 23, 2023 at 10:19 PM
The Leafs have some big decisions to make this offseason, and perhaps none are more important than deciding on Mitch Marner's future with the organization. Should they decide to keep him, they'll be paying him almost $11 million a year until his contract is up.

Rosehill Takes Shots at Marner

Former Toronto Maple Leafs Jay Rosehill recently made an appearance on the Leafs' Morning Take podcast, and he didn't hold back in his words for Mitch Marner.

"For what you can get for Mitch Marner [in a trade]... he's so soft. I don't even know if he can pick up the Stanley Cup. I just don't think he can take you to the promised land. You see how beaten up the Panthers were at the end of the Finals - that's what it takes... I just fear that every single time, Marner is going to fall off because he wasn't willing to go to war. He's just a fresh-faced, nice kid who likes to do toe drags... but he's not going to go to war for you and I just can't picture him hoisting that Stanley Cup after being beaten up for two months." - Jay Rosehill

Well, Rosehill didn't leave much up for interpretation there. Whether or not his feelings towards Marner are shared throughout the fanbase, he brings up some good points.

Who should Go?

While Mitch Marner has the advantage of a contract over fellow Core Four members Auston Matthews and William Nylander, he could still be the first one moved. Matthews and Nylander have both proven themselves as valuable assets in the playoffs, while Marner has failed to do so year after year.

Perhaps we could see a Mitch Marner trade this summer in an attempt to clear some cap space.

As Seen on Leafs Insider - Former Leaf rips Leafs superstar Mitch Marner to shreds during podcast
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Former Leaf Takes Shots at Mitch Marner

Who Should go first?

Matthews73622.6 %
Marner138142.4 %
Nylander113634.9 %
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