Flyers Make Embarrassing New Logo Move to Introduce New Era

Published May 26, 2023 at 8:18 PM
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One thing that NHL teams like to do to increase their revenue is to add a third jersey or make changes to their main jerseys. This will be the case for the Philadelphia Flyers, as they are one of the teams making a change to their jerseys ahead of the next season.

Flyers Making A Change

Flyers fans, don't worry, as the changes are not major or drastic. The main alteration will involve a slight darkening of the orange color scheme.

Here's what the Philadelphia Flyers had to say on social media:

"The Flyers will be refreshing their colors and primary uniforms. According to an Icethetics source, the team will update their identity with a modified color scheme and revised home and road uniforms. They will be returning to a previous, darker shade of orange. The new uniforms will have a retro-inspired design, featuring wider sleeve yokes and minimal waist striping.

The Flyers have already hinted at this change by updating their social media branding with the darker orange. For those interested in the specific color, the switch is from Pantone 172 to 173."

New Year New Look

In the photos below, you can see the color changes made to the Flyers, Hurricanes, and Wild. I must say, among all of them, the Wild's new light green looks pretty sweet.




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Flyers Make Embarrassing New Logo Move to Introduce New Era

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