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Elliotte Friedman Reveals Major Details on Maple Leafs' Trade Plans

Published December 25, 2023 at 10:14
Just before the NHL's holiday break, an NHL insider dropped some major news about the Toronto Maple Leafs trade plans.

Insider Confirms Maple Leafs Trade Options Going Forward

Yesterday on Sportsnet NHL insider Elliotte Friedman confirmed that the Toronto Maple Leafs have been searching the trade market for upgrades. Specifically, Friedman mentions that the Maple Leafs have checked in on several goaltenders.

"The Leafs have dipped their toes in the goaltending market," reported Friedman on the Saturday Headlines

The Maple Leafs are checking in on goalies due to the injury to Joseph Woll and the subpar play of Ilya Samsonov. While the Maple Leafs are looking at their options Friedman says they would prefer not to need to make a trade.

Samsonov's Play After The Break Will Determine Maple Leafs Future

According to Elliotte Friedman the Maple Leafs would prefer to keep their current goaltending structure if possible. AHL goaltender Dennis Hildeby has played well but Toronto does not want to rush him.

The other thing to consider Friedman says is that the teams with a surplus of goaltending have a high asking price to give up their surplus. This means the Maple Leafs would need to give up significant assets to acquire a goalie who would likely just be a stopgap until Joseph Woll's return from injury.

With all of this taken into consideration the Maple Leafs will likely try and hold off on a goalie trade as long as possible. However, if they come back from their break and Ilya Samsonov still can't find his game they may be forced to make a move.

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Elliotte Friedman Reveals Major Details on Maple Leafs' Trade Plans

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