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Concerning Update Emerges Regarding Veteran Mark Giordano

Published December 19, 2023 at 9:34
In a turn of events, the Leafs have given an indirect, but concerning, update on Mark Giordano's injury, as it appears to be worse than originally thought.

Maple Leafs Mark Giordano Placed on Long Term Injured Reserve List

The Leafs have been scraping by on their blueline, as they have been dealing with injuries to their defenseman on what seems like a regular basis. Veteran Mark Giordano is no exception, as he has been out with a hand injury since heir game against the Florida Panthers on November 29th.

What seemed like a week-to-week injury at the time, has kept Gio out for a decent chunk of time. Now, the Leafs have decided to place him on LTIR.

Correction: Our assumption was incorrect, it is Giordano who has been placed on LTI

#LeafsForever update:
LTIR Relief: $15.263M
LTIR Used: $15.203M
LTIR Cap Space remaining: $60k

A player must miss 10 games or 24 days once placed on LTIR, however, this can be retroactive as well. It's not clear whether or not the Leafs have retroactively placed him on LTIR and if the time he has already missed will count toward the minimum.

Leafs Get Liljegren Back in Clean Victory Over Pittsburgh Saturday

The Leafs can be happy though that some of their previous injuries on the blueline are behind them. Mainly, that Timothy Liljegren has returned to the lineup. Liljegren has taken a massive step this season and has been playing significant minutes for the Leafs when he has stayed healthy.

Now, he will take on a bigger role in his return as Giordano could be out for a more time than everyone previously thought.

As seen on Maple Leafs Daily - "Injury to Leafs veteran may be worse than initially feared"
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Concerning Update Emerges Regarding Veteran Mark Giordano

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