Canucks Fans Rally Behind Their Head Coach One Last Time

Published January 21, 2023 at 10:25
Last night, Bruce Boudreau may have coached his last game in the NHL.

While management is certain they are making the right decision moving on from the 68-year-old, fans and players alike still love Bruce.

In a throwback to the early days of Boudreau, where fans chanted Bruce, there it is!, fans repeated those same chants - albeit with a much sadder reality at play.

Despite the cheery tone, it is a very difficult watch. The fans love Boudreau, and management doesn't seem to care.

Watching Bruce get a little teary-eyed was the icing on the cupcake of this unbridled disaster in Vancouver.

It didn't end there, however.

In post-game interviews, Boudreau's players shared their admiration for the man who brought them from a bottom-feeding team to only a few points out of the playoff-picture last season.

The teams' young star, Elias Pettersson shared this:

The city loves him. I know I like him

He equally shared that Boudreau had been good for his personal development.

Tyler Myers shared that his team had fumbled under the pressure last night due to the mess surrounding their head coach:

The mindset and mood got to us tonight. The most noise I've experienced in my career.

Finally, in Boudreau's own post-game interview, he couldn't help but play in to the unfortunate humour of the situation.

See yous tomorrow I hope.

No matter where the future leads for Boudreau, he will always be remembered as a smiley face, and as one hell of a head coach.

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Canucks Fans Rally Behind Their Head Coach One Last Time

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