Bettman Destroys the Bruins in Recent Interview

Published June 7, 2023 at 10:09
The Boston Bruins had an amazing year. They broke the NHL's record for most wins in a season and they won the Presidents' Trophy.

Presidents' Tophy Curse?

The team with the most points in the NHL standings wins the Presidents' Trophy. In the last years, we've seen that winning it doesn't mean the winner will go far in the playoffs.

Last year, the Florida Panthers won it and were eliminated soon after.

This year, the same thing happened to the Bruins.

Gary Bettman Adds Salt to the Wound

In a surprising statement, Bettman talked about the Bruins' early playoff exit.

"I think we're learning that winning the Presidents' Trophy isn't such a good thing. Look at the Boston Bruins! With the exceptional year they had during the regular season, who would've thought they would've been knocked out the way they did?"

It just confirms that the playoffs are completely different from the regular season and the underdogs should never be underestimated.

As seen on Bruins Insider - Gary Bettman Adds Salt To The Wound Of Bruins Fans
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Bettman Destroys the Bruins in Recent Interview

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