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BREAKING: NHL Announces New Controversial Sponsor

Published December 19, 2023 at 5:32 PM
The NHL and Gary Bettman have once again made a controversial decision.

The NHL Unveils New Partnership with Betting Company


Betting ads have become a significant part of the game. Analysts mention betting odds during their commentary, there are ads on the boards, on TV, and on players' equipment.

Now, the NHL has committed to taking an even more prominent role in the spectators' experience.

They have agreed to sign a massive contract with BetMGM.

"Our partnership extension with the NHL is a winner. It enables us to enhance the BetMGM product and offer our fans unforgettable experiences built around the game they love,"
said BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt.

"The NHL is more thrilling than ever a symphony of athleticism, teamwork, and skill on skates. We look forward to bringing our customers exceptional live experiences and delighting with new in-app content for BetMGM."

Link to the official announcement


This move has been widely criticized by fans.

Given the 41-game suspension handed to Shane Pinto for betting, people find it hypocritical for the NHL to make deals with betting companies.

Do you think the NHL made a mistake with that partnership?

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BREAKING: NHL Announces New Controversial Sponsor

Do you think the NHL made a mistake with that partnership?

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