BREAKING: Boston Bruins Testing Market on Superstar Winger

Published June 11, 2023 at 8:06 PM
According to a new report, the Boston Bruins may be shopping one of their franchise cornerstones. The news comes amidst the uncertainty regarding Patrice Bergeron's future with the organization. There could be some massive changes coming to Boston very soon!

Marchand Could Be Shopped

A recent discussion on The Skate Pod went over the fog surrounding Patrice Bergeron's future with the Bruins, and a very interesting point was brought up. The podcast members debated what Boston should do in the event that Bergeron does indeed depart this summer, and one participant suggested that if Bergeron goes, Boston should fully commit to a rebuild.

Boston has been doing everything possible to extend their window of competition, but they may not have a choice if Bergeron retires. Should they decide to restructure their team, it's very likely that star winger and Bergeron's linemate, Brad Marchand, would be on the move.

While many fans may be opposed to trading such an important part of their team over the last 10 years, it would be wise of Boston to recuperate some value on Marchand while they still can.

As Seen on Bruins Insider - BREAKING: Bruins May Be Shopping Star Forward
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BREAKING: Boston Bruins Testing Market on Superstar Winger

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