BREAKING: Auston Matthews Future with the Toronto Maple Leafs Finally Revealed

Published June 15, 2023 at 6:18 PM
Insider reports suggest that Auston Matthews' future with the Toronto Maple Leafs includes signing an extension.

However, it's uncertain how many unrestricted free agent years Matthews is willing to commit to Toronto.

No Question

According to Chris Johnston from Sportsnet, the Maple Leafs' General Manager, Brad Treliving, made a trip to Arizona earlier this week.

The purpose of this meeting wasn't primarily about discussing the financial terms but more about Treliving sharing his vision for the team's future. Nonetheless, Johnston emphasized that an extension for Matthews with the Leafs is almost guaranteed.

Money and Term

The central question revolves around Matthews' worth and his willingness to commit long-term. Many analysts anticipate that an extension could result in Matthews having the highest cap hit in the league, possibly within the $13 million to $15 million range. Currently, Nathan MacKinnon is at $12.6 million per season, while Connor McDavid earns $12.5 million.

There's less certainty that Matthews would opt for the maximum contract length of eight years, with a three to five-year deal seeming more probable. Matthews has one year remaining on his current contract, carrying an $11.64 million cap hit. Despite having time, Treliving would prefer to secure a lengthy extension as soon as possible.
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BREAKING: Auston Matthews Future with the Toronto Maple Leafs Finally Revealed

What will Matthews cap hit be on his next deal?

$11.5 million21511.7 %
12+ million47626 %
13+ million76941.9 %
$14 million or more37320.3 %
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