The Edmonton Oilers Considering Trading Superstar Leon Draisaitl in a Massive Move to Offload Jack Campbell?

Graham Montgomery
November 26, 2023  (8:13 PM)

What more can be said about the Edmonton Oilers? This franchise has embarrassed themselves over and over again, proving that winning with the best player in the world is a lot harder than it looks. The latest disaster in the Oilers saga surrounds their goaltending which has been borderline historically bad. As a result, the team may be considering a franchise altering move.

Edmonton Oilers Could Be Tempted To Trade Draisaitl In Blockbuster Move

The Oilers goaltending situation has been so horrendous this year that some in the hockey world are starting to wonder to what lengths the Oilers will go to solve it. Apparently, the team was hoping that Jack Campbell would regain his peak form after being sent to the AHL, but that has yet to happen. Despite a shutout in his most recent game, Campbell's AHL numbers remain almost as bad as his NHL stats this season.
Campbell has brought his save percentage up to .884 while lowering his goals-against-average to 3.22 in the AHL through five starts following his shutout win and a 2-4 loss in which he recorded a .917 save percentage.

Draisaitl May Be Moved As A sweetener For Campbell Trade

His contract is so bad that some in the hockey world believe it is basically unmovable. Hockey influencer Gio Palermo discussed a segment from TSN 1050's Overdrive on his Youtube channel where they talked about what it would take to move Campbell. Gio's summarization of the segment sparked larger conversations about the team in general.
You might have to attach a guy like Draisaitl, for crying out loud. Then they kind of share a laugh about it, and O'Dog actually says afterward, hey, you might actually need to put a guy like Draisaitl if you are trading a player like Jack Campbell away to a team that may have some playoff aspirations in the short term future.

Campbell has three years left on his contract after this one, all coming with a 5 million dollar cap hit. It seems like his NHL playing days may be over as he can't seem to find his game anymore, making the deal one of the worst in the entire NHL. As such, giving up a player like Draisaitl in order to move on from it could theoretically make sense. That being said, Draisaitl is still one of the best players in the entire league, especially on the man advantage.
One would hope that if the Oilers do make such a move, key pieces would be coming the other way that keep the Oilers competitive. Otherwise, We might start to hear rumors of Connor McDavid leaving as well.

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The Edmonton Oilers Considering Trading Superstar Leon Draisaitl in a Massive Move to Offload Jack Campbell?

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