Insider Reports Intensified Trade Discussions for Olympic Gold Medalist and World Cup Champion

Graham Montgomery
December 8, 2023  (8:49)

It was recently reported that the San Jose Sharks are actively shopping defenseman Mario Ferraro. New reports suggest that he may not be the only blueliner the team is looking to move on from though.

Friedman: Sharks Are Looking To Trade Vlasic

The 36-year-old defender has been a shell of his former self for quite some time. Who can even blame him? It is hard to put in max effort every night when you know you're on a team that is among the worst in the league. However, new reports suggest he may not be on the Sharks for much longer. According to NHL insider Elliotte Friedman, the team is actively looking for someone else to take on his contract.
Friedman (32TP): "I have no doubt they want to move Vlasic, they're not scratching a guy as much as they are cause they're happy with him.. This year and 2 more at $7M, and there's some signing bonuses there too, is he going to be able to prove to a team he's 75% of what he was?"

This was the same episode where the insider revealed that the Sharks were also shopping defenseman Mario Ferraro.
Friedman on #SJSharks D-Mario Ferraro (32TP): "The rumour was Carolina took a big run at him and really tried to get him.. He's a really talented young player... signed for 2 more years at $3.25M, there's going to be a lot of teams checking the price tag on this one"

It is not out of the realm of possibility that both players could be part of the same trade.

San Jose Sharks Look To Trade Everyone

Just about everyone on the current team is available for the right price these days. The team is expected to be one of the worst in the league and they have a number of players on expiring deals that could be useful to playoff contenders. Vlasic does not fit that description though so perhaps he will be traded to another basement dweller. Ferraro does not fit that description either as he is not on an expiring deal, but it is pretty clear that he can be of more use elsewhere than he is is San Jose at the moment.
That being said, the Sharks have pulled of a couple of remarkable comeback victories in their last two games. The team has been so good as of late that they are no longer the worst team in the league.
It has certainly been a season of wild momentum swings for the Sharks. Whatever happens next will be very interesting to watch unfold as a new era of Sharks hockey is ushered into the NHL.
As seen on Insider Confirms Trade Talks Surrounding Olympic Gold Medalist And World Cup Champion Have Intensified
Insider Reports Intensified Trade Discussions for Olympic Gold Medalist and World Cup Champion

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