Examining the Failed Erik Karlsson Trade: What Went Wrong between the Oilers and Sharks?

Published March 12, 2023 at 5:35 PM

With the trade deadline being as crazy as it was, rumours were spread that Erik Karlsson would get traded. Karlsson has been putting up amazing stats this season, he is currently the top scorer for all NHL defensemen. Since the Sharks cannot make the playoffs, it was believed that the Sharks GM Mike Grier was considering trading Karlsson.

Grier Never Made a Move

Karlsson claims that Grier never approached him with a trade option.

It was reported that the Edmonton Oilers were interested in acquiring Karlsson, so why wasn't he traded?

TSN insider Pierre LeBrun has the answer, stating that both sides could not make the money work, but they might try again in the offseason when both teams have more financial flexibility. Here's what he said

San Jose got calls from a couple of teams this season on Karlsson, one of them emerging publicly as Edmonton. The Oilers had more than a little interest, but it sounds like the Sharks' unwillingness to retain enough of Karlsson's remaining contract essentially stopped both teams from taking the conversations to the next level.

The rebuilding/re-tooling Sharks will listen again on Karlsson this offseason, no question about it. But again the biggest question will be: How much can the Sharks eat on those final four years to make a trade happen?

No one can blame the Oilers for their hesitation in trading for a 32 year old defensemen with a long term, $11.5 million annual salary. Despite the fact that Karlsson is playing some amazing defence this season, there is always the potential for his contract to age poorly. The Sharks might have to eat as much as 50% of his deal if they want to trade him. The Sharks should be doing everything in their power to facilitate a deal with Karlsson if they want to rebuild and re-stock their personnel.

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Examining the Failed Erik Karlsson Trade: What Went Wrong between the Oilers and Sharks?

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