Jason Demers during a game with the Edmonton Oilers.
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700-game NHL Veteran Publicly Calls Out Team Canada's Failures

Published January 28, 2024 at 4:00 PM

While all eyes are turned to the 2018 edition ot Team Canada, a former member of the team at the 2022 Olympics shared a story about an ex-coach that's worth mentioning.


Demers Shares Shocking Story From 2022 Olympics About Claude Julien

In 2022, Claude Julien was named head coach of Team Canada for the Beijing Olympics. Assistant coach Jeremy Carlton ended up replacing him for a few games after Julien got injured.

Former player Jason Demers made harsh comments on Julien's leadership in a recent podcast.


"The Olympics went good. It's a little frustrating. The coach we had was I don't think fitted for that style of tournament. Who was the coach? Julien. I only say that because we butted heads quite a bit during that tournament.

His strategy wasn't good. Yeah, it's just different. He's just an old school coach and that just doesn't quite work in a tournament like that. And also you get a lot of guys from Europe that play and it's not NHL guys so these guys are used to a different system, they're used to a different way of playing hockey so it's like you have to cater to them.

So he got hurt, an unfortunate accident and I'm glad he's okay now. But Jeremy Carlton stepped in and he was incredible and it immediately shifted in the room and the mood on the ice and everything started clicking."

It's pretty uncommon for players to critique former coaches. Issues between them usually remain behind closed doors.

His coaching style obsviously doesn't work with everyone.

Do you think his coaching days are over?

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700-game NHL Veteran Publicly Calls Out Team Canada's Failures

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