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Terrible NCAA season sparks 13 players to abandon their team

Published April 3, 2024 at 6:49 PM

The NCAA transfer portal has become a major part of college sports. This year the hockey world has jumped fully into the transfer portal. One school embodies this more than any other as Northern Michigan has had almost their entire roster transfer.

Throughout the last week or so the NCAA hockey season has been wrapping up for most teams. Once teams ended their season players were allowed to enter the transfer portal if they choose to do so. For Northern Michigan, this meant major bad news as almost their entire roster decided to transfer away.

Mass exodus ongoing at NMU with 13 players and counting in the portal. It's completely unprecedented to see a team essentially dissolve. I'm trying to imagine the impact. Hard to wrap your head around really.

As of now there are no announced plans for what Northern Michigan will do to replenish their roster. While this is the most extreme case of transfers leaving this season other schools have faced major loses as well.

Wisconsin loses multiple NHL draft picks to the transfer portal

Along with the announcements from Northern Michigan several players from the University of Wisconsin also announced their intention to transfer. This includes highly drafted players such as Minnesota Wild first-round pick Charlie Stramel and second-rounder Brady Cleveland.

Brady Cleveland(2nd round'23) has entered the transfer portal after playing just 16 games. Will follow this one closely.

This year will be major in determining how popular the transfer portal becomes for college hockey. If several players move on to better situations and thrive we could see it boom like college football has. If players transfer and continue to struggle it could be a cautionary tale.

Source: House of Hockey - Thirteen NCAA players abandon their team after awful season
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Terrible NCAA season sparks 13 players to abandon their team

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