John Tavares and Team Canada celebrating his OT winner.
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John Tavares saves Team Canada from an epic collapse to Team Austria

Published May 14, 2024 at 6:07 PM

In today's game between Canada and Austria, the underdogs almost came back, until the Maple Leafs captain sealed the deal.

At the beginning of the third period, Team Canada was up 6-1, but Team Austria mounted an insane comeback and forced the game to overtime.

WE ARE TIED!😱 Austria scored 5 goals in the third.🇦🇹 #MensWorlds #CANAUT

As the extra time progressed, captain John Tavares saved the Canadian team from giving up the biggest lead in World Championship history.

John Tavares wins it in overtime for @HockeyCanada.🇨🇦💪 #MensWorlds #CANAUT @MapleLeafs

Although Canada came back and got the win, Austria showed a tremendous amount of heart and surprised many in the hockey world.

What a drama.😱 Canada got the overtime win against resilient Austria.🇨🇦 #MensWorlds #CANAUT @hockeycanada

Canada improves to 3-0 and will face off against Team Norway as they look to have a more consistent showing.

After this potentially disastrous loss, do you think that Team Canada has a chance to win this tournament?

Details to follow.
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John Tavares saves Team Canada from an epic collapse to Team Austria

Did John Tavares deserve to be the captain of Team Canada?

Yes he did!94670.1 %
No.40429.9 %
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